I moved to Denmark with my Danish wife from Los Angeles, Califorina in 2008, we have two children born in the USA. We wanted to raise them in Denmark as we always both loved the culture, people, nature and great human spirit of the Scandinavians.

I worked hard at the language but sadly it never came easy for me, lucky for me I was able to  learn and understand Danish to a fair level, plus speak it on basic human terms. I hope you understand and still contact me, as my skills in painting are top notch, pricing unmatchable, awesome service and my big kind heart goes far.

Lastly, I live in Denmark under my Swedish passport as my side of the family goes back far from church records in Uppsala, Sweden. Most of my present day families live in Halmstad and Malmo, Sweden.

Experience is the key and top notch craftsmanship always on my ship, call Tom now, 60 65 88 87.

I need my interior and exterior painted we have these surfaces wood, metal, glass, plastic, gypsum, fermacell, concrete and brick. Tom knows what to use and how to apply the paint properly. Call now for a free no hassle offer. 60 65 88 87.


Silkeborg Malermester.

Silkeborg Malerfirma.

Silkeborg Malerfirmaet.


Bakkevænget 62

8600 Silkeborg


Surface preparation is 70 percent of any quality job. Without the sanding, grinding, patching and priming there would not be a good surface to paint on. Call me now. 60 65 88 87

Tom Bernold gets the job done on time and on budget. Plus free color consulting one time, then just ask about paint suggestions during the project and price bidding always no cost.

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